5 comments on “Six. January Project 365

  1. i’m curious about the two categories of people, those who love babies and those who dont. babies dont have know or keep boundaries, i mean for gods sake they piss on you. they dont talk or understand what you are saying and they cry and scream sometimes unconsolably so….so now why is it that some people just cant get enough of babies? mom for instance, she loves nothing more than a baby—to sleep with, hold, feed , comb, bathe….but when the kid starts talking—-“too damn many questions”. im getting sleepy, falling off with my fingers on the keyboard only to arouse and see a lot of f’s or j’s….running across the page—so if anyone out there can pffer understanding

  2. oh by the way—im on the baby baby baby side of things—-in fact i wish there was one under my covers right now—-sleeping like a baby

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