About Chelon Ione

Hello there. Thank you for checking out my photography blog!

My name is Chelon Ione Towner. I’m a photographer gal living on beautiful Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington.

Sunny day in the city.

A lovely day of light for roommates and photos..

I have lived in Bellingham, Washington, Sonoma County, California, Channel Islands, UK, Ashland, Oregon, Cooper Landing, Alaska, along with stints in Amsterdam, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. I’m the middle of three sisters, each of whom inspire me regularly along with my creative and hardworking parents.

The rush of photography thrills me. I truly enjoy making people comfortable, and creating images that you can love forever. I photograph everything from a dancer in action on stage, to a quiet moment of a friend in thought, or romantic squeeze between people in love. I also work frequently with children and have a blast capturing their magical discoveries and  daily milestones.

I love to travel, read, play games, and document document document. People are my favorite subjects. You. All of them. I think people are stunningly beautiful, interesting, and hilarious. I’d like to show each of you it’s true.

I would love to hear from you with feedback, ideas, or photo shoot inquiries!

Please check out my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/chelonionephoto/


2 comments on “About Chelon Ione

  1. Hi!
    Kristin Engen gave me your info.. we are interested in having family pics taken and wondering if you can help us out.
    Let me know!
    We’d love to do it sometime before fall
    Heidi Denham
    425 205 3800

  2. Hey girl!
    You are so gorgeous!!! Hope to see you next Friday with Jessy and Emma.
    I love your work, your photography is so real.
    How far in advance to you have people booking for events?
    I am looking at next July for a wedding, and hoping you can be the photographer

    talk to you soon

    jess renkert

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